Winners should be selected fairly and squarely

Winner Selection

Giveaway winners must be picked fairly and in accordance with the laws of chance while competition winners must be judged appropriately. We have the expertise and experience to ensure all your winners are chosen properly.


Winner selection is the most exciting part of your campaign. However, you cannot pick the lucky winners yourself as this is against the CAP code. Neither can you ask your mum, the intern or someone in IT to pull a name out of a hat. Winners must win fairly which by industry regulation terms means they must be chosen by an independent means or under the supervision of an independent person.

We conduct prize draws using our unique custom-built random generator which has been independently verified and is CAP Code-compliant. It can select thousands of random winners, runners-up and back-ups in seconds and this guarantees that your winners have been picked impartially. It can even pick them in set time slots or ‘winning moments’.

If you're running a competition, your entries must be judged. We can act as independent judges ourselves or we have a roster of highly scrupulous, suitably qualified adjudicators on call. This gives your judging process complete credibility and ensures that winner selection can’t be challenged. Overseeing the judging process for you, either in person or remotely, is also something we can do. Yes, we’re tough. Yes, we take no prisoners. But that’s because your reputation (and ours) rides on getting it right.


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