"Thank you so
much for my prize. You made me feel really special"

Winner Management

Your prize winners deserve special attention and a memorable service. Whether they've won a trip around the world or a fluffy toy rabbit, we guarantee that they'll remember your brand for all the right reasons.


We want you to be happy. We want your winners to be happy. We want the whole world to be happy! OK, we’re idealists, but we’re also detail-obsessed completists. That means we follow through, ensuring the investment you’ve made in your prize promotion pays off.

We’ll notify winners for you – by letter, phone, email or singing telegram if that’s what you want. We do like to call lucky winners to let them know the great news (on more than one occasion we’ve been deafened by joyous screams), and if there’s too many to make this practical, we have a nifty platform from which can set up broadcast text messaging.

Beautiful packaging and hand-written notes are never too much trouble for us – we know how to make your winners feel truly special. And we have capability, too, to mail out hundreds even thousands of prizes if that's how many you're giving away. If someone else is responsible for mailing the prizes, we handle the delivery logistics, ensuring suppliers despatch prizes in a timely and professional manner. 

And in terms of that all-important attention to detail and personalisation, when you use our specialist event management service, we can create and manage totally bespoke prize experiences – think superb street party, exclusive screening or top chef in your kitchen.

Crucially, we understand that positive winning experiences create positive associations for your company or brand, so each winner is given a single point of contact at Spark & Fuse – someone to answer their questions, hold their hand and guide them through that experience no matter how big or small their prize.


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