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Winner selection

Picking a winner isn’t as easy as you might think. Winners must win fairly and squarely, so we ensure decisions can be justified from every angle. Sad to say, there are some sneaky cheats around, too, so we weed them out, guaranteeing that every one of your winners is truly deserving of their prize.

  • We conduct prize draws using our amazing custom-built random generator. Endorsed by the Institute of Promotional Marketing and CAP Code-compliant, it draws thousands of random winners, runners-up and back-ups in seconds. It can even pick them in set time slots or ‘winning moments’.
  • We can act as independent judges ourselves or we have a roster of highly scrupulous, suitably qualified adjudicators on call. This gives your judging process complete credibility and ensures that winner selection can’t be challenged.
  • Overseeing the judging process for you, either in person or remotely, is also something we can do. Yes, we’re tough. Yes, we take no prisoners. But that’s because your reputation (and ours) rides on getting it right.
  • And on the subject of integrity, you’d be surprised how many people assume it’s fine and dandy to pass on non-transferable prizes to a friend, so we check the rules haven’t been breached and verify winner IDs.

If you need a hand with your winner selection call us on 020 7502 3005 or email