Terms and conditions are the backbone of any prize promotion. Written well, they provide clarification and guidance to participants. Promoters who don't have terms and conditions not only seriously breach the CAP code (the industry rule book for sales promotions); they also leave themselves exposed to foul play and risk losing control of their prize promotion.

It doesn't matter if your prize draw is on your website, Twitter or a bag of peanuts; whether you’re a small business, blogger or multi-national; or whether you’re giving away a luxury trip around the world, a fashion makeover, or one bag of peanuts, you must have a set of terms and conditions. And that's where we help because we are very accomplished at writing them. As our expertise covers prize promotions from concept to completion, it means we can walk through your prize draw or competition from start to finish covering off any potential issues in your terms. This leaves you protected and consumers clear on what is expected of them.

Obviously good terms have to be particularly long and sound really legal, right? While terms and conditions must meet all the CAP code requirements, there's nothing to say they have to be dull or long. In fact it's better to avoid writing terms which are overly-complicated. Plain English is best. Here at Spark & Fuse, we prefer to write terms and conditions that reflect your tone of voice and personality, whatever that may be - young, charming, or sensible.

Vital to the success of any prize promotion are robust terms and conditions. They're crucial because they protect both entrants and the promoter. If you're looking for someone to write a suitable set, you've come to the right place.


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