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platform for your promotion

Entry Mechanics and Unique Codes

With so many prize promotion techniques and entry platforms to choose from, how do you know what best suits your needs? We can advise on the perfect mechanic for your concept and then set it all up for you.


Entry mechanisms that work are the key to successful prize promotions. That’s a fact! Spark & Fuse set up and manage all prize promotion entry methods. That’s another fact! This leaves you without a care in the world, which if not a fact is a definite plus!

Standalone micro sites and dedicated email addresses improve ease of entry for participants thereby making your prize promotions far more effective. We can set up, manage and design these for you. If you're planning a text-to-win, we own SMS shortcodes and can set up appropriate keywords at the press of a button. Plus we own multiple phone lines. We're no stranger to the back end of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or their social media comrades, and using a number of complementary platforms can set up prize promotions across any or all of them.  If you want carrier pigeon, we even have a coop in the office. (Actually that’s a lie – we don’t.)

If you need unique codes for promotions like instant wins, we can create these, too. Whatever you need them for - on-pack promotions, advertising materials - we can generate up to 500 million unique codes in any format that you require. And we absolutely guarantee the codes are unique (yes, we really can!) and if you need more codes down the line for the same campaign, we can generate more and there still won't be any duplicates. 


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