Your eyes might glaze over. Ours light up. For Spark & Fuse, compliance is where it begins and ends. It’s at the centre of what we do. We live and breathe the CAP Code, the Gambling Act 2005, PayPhonePlus regulations. We provide best practice advice. We’ve seen what happens when a prize promotion goes wrong; when complaints clog the phone lines; when the legal challenges necessitate the hiring of some very pricey lawyers; when the product turns up as vintage in Ebay listings, but the PR fallout is still radioactive.

And all because a prize promotion was non-compliant.

Our hearts sink when we see brands, companies and individuals opening themselves up to criticism and complaints because a prize promotion is poorly executed, cannot be realistically implemented or regulatory codes have been overlooked.  Your promotion must be decent, legal, honest and truthful and our aim is to set out the facts, flag up important issues and ensure your work is compliant so you have complete peace of mind and get the best results from your campaign.


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